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Car Subscription 101

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Does it make sense to own a car? The world is changing and so are people’s driving habits, especially in large cities. People currently give great value to independence, quality of services, versatility and flexibility. With AmeriDrive’s subscription program you get just that. We make having a car much more flexible. Our platform’s technology also provides valuable data so that we can provide our drivers with a better and more responsible mobility experience. 

Once you start driving with us, owning a car does not make sense any more. Car ownership comes with many downsides, such as: 

  • Mileage restrictions
  • High insurance coverage costs
  • Depreciation through the years
  • Trouble selling your car later on 

Subscriptions are focused on the consumer experience, they are a great choice for drivers who get bored easily and want a change of pace with the car that they drive. 

Why do our clients choose AmeriDrive over others?

1. No Contract

You won’t be bound by a long-term contract that ties you down. You can cancel the subscription anytime, giving you the flexibility and freedom that’s not common with traditional car ownership.

2. No Down Payment or Loans

Car subscriptions don’t require a down payments only a monthly fee, so there is no need for you to take up a long-term car loans that will tie you down early on.

3. Swap freely

Freedom to drive different cars every month. No more getting bored of driving around in the same car. We also give you the flexibility of changing cars to fit your needs.

4. All-inclusive Fees

The convenience of all-inclusive fees covering maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance. All you need to worry about is your parking and fuel charges.

5. Personalized Customer Support

AmeriDrive puts customer support at your disposal, always around whenever you need it.

Still not convinced? 

Flexibility is our expertise. Contact our team today if you want to be part of this program (833-305-3500)

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