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Enhancing the Customer Experience with Smart Self-Service

Many industries are slowly becoming less and less humanised as technologies and machines evolve. If you think about it, life started to become more automated long ago without us even realising it, with things like vending machines and self-checkout at the grocery store. 

Necessity leads to invention and technological progress, and technology leads to behavioral changes, which pushes for more technological advancements.

At AmeriDrive we are committed to making life easier for our drivers and employees. When getting a car, people want to be more in control of their journeys, they no longer want restrictions and frictions, like for example having to come in and follow a specific person-to-person protocol to be able to get their key and vehicle. 

Now it’s all about adapting. We can all agree that drivers want a more convenient and safe experience, in 2021 this means self-served booking, less contact with staff and smoother Drop Offs. We’ve also noted hesitation to use touch devices because of the physical contact and health concerns. 

AmeriDrive is aligned to this ideal, ensuring the health, safety and peace of mind of our drivers and employees. This meant installing industry leading platforms, like the Sharebox system, giving the driver a low-touch process, allowing them to operate entirely with their own smartphone, improving their confidence. 

Users can find, book, and unlock their vehicle all in one place and with minimal human contact

  • On the app, browse the vehicles
  • Complete the drivers license verification
  • Reserve a vehicle & schedule pickup 

This is when our self-serve Sharebox comes in, with optimal flexibility.

  • Self-served check in 24 hours a day
  • Zero contact key hand-off 
  • Safe anti-burglary system

From now on, keys are kept in a secure locker, available without having to go through our reception. 

We have analyzed that finding a solution to these restrictions and frictions has led to more revenues and increased staff efficiency. As fleet-operators, this also means being able to grow and be present in more locations. 

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