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The Push for Shared Mobility + Electrification

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This year, after the Government announced legislation to boost electric vehicle tax credits, the mobility horizon has become more optimistic, promoting a seamless transition favoring the EV ecosystem. There is an evident wave of enthusiasm and excitement among EV and OEM manufacturers across the country since the incentives favor national manufacturers and assemblers. 

The U.S. Government aims to decrease the cost of electric vehicles by offering tax credits, rebates, and other incentives to individuals and businesses. He is also calling for a much-needed increase of charging stations, the goal is to have a national network of about 500,000 chargers within the decade. According to the Energy Department, today we have about 41,000 charging stations in the country, with more than 100,000 outlets. 

This push from the government comes as a game-changer for the ecosystem, it will surely revolutionize the industry in times to come.

Innovative business models offering electrification and shared mobility options are put at a great advantage as the pandemic paves the way for some revolutionary trends, emphasizing on technology to adapt to all the recent changes in mobility dynamics. 

As we surpass recent adversities, becoming environmentally conscious now seems to have more importance than ever. This serves as a driving force for our sector to innovate and come up with more efficient and cost-effective solutions.

When talking about “cost-effective” it’s important to know that electricity is cheaper than gas when measured on a per-mile basis, and electric vehicles also require less routine maintenance than combustion-engine vehicles, with no need to change the oil.

The increased demand for shared mobility is a result of the growth of next-generation transportation and delivery solutions. Drivers are striving to bring their costs down by switching to smarter and more sustainable solutions in the long run. Shared mobility provides opportunities with better ROI, especially in terms of productivity, maintenance, and insurance costs.

At AmeriDrive we are joining the wave by bringing solutions to the energy delivery challenge for electric transportation, contributing to the addition of charging stations at some of our shared mobility locations. We have flexible rideshare programs in multiple states with a wide range of vehicles in our fleet, including a steadily increasing percentage of EVs.

Visit our new website to learn more about our current locations and to stay in the loop about what we’re working on next. Reserve your vehicle and visit us today!

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