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Are you familiar with our key locker system? The Sharebox!

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Recently we have changed our Shareboxes due to our partnership with Hyrecar, also making it easier to see in our locations, Pep Boys or service stations. Really, you can’t miss them — Our new Sharebox is bright orange. 

The Sharebox system is meant to ensure the health, safety, and peace of mind of our drivers and employees. By giving the driver a low-touch process we can improve their confidence. 

By adhering to innovative solutions like this, AmeriDrive has managed to maintain its presence in the market. Increasing the number of service locations with automated stations.

Some may be hesitant with this system, but there’s nothing to worry about, the process is very simple, and drivers will have our customer service representative on the phone through the whole key retrieval process. 

Thanks to the Sharebox platform, we have made it easier for drivers and employees to get a hold of the keys for the vehicles by providing: 

Self-Served Check in and Check out

Zero human contact key hand-off, all drivers need on-hand is their smartphone and a valid driver’s license.

A safe anti-burglary system. Keys are kept in the safety of the locker, available without having to go through our reception.  

Please make sure that you visit our website to know about our pick up and drop off schedules as it is not a 24/7 service.

For more information please contact our team: 


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