What are AmeriDrive's Locations?
GEORGIA: Marietta, Austell, Atlanta, Pivet - Atlanta, Decatur, Union City CALIFORNIA: Downtown LA, San Francisco the Bay area.
WASHINGTON DC AREA: Annandale, VA, Marlow Heights, MD
How does AmeriDrive work?
Our subscription service offers you a variety of vehicles whether you are in our commuter or rideshare program you can drive it for a day, week, month or as long as you need, with no need for human contact, and without the hassle of renting, leasing or buying. ( Google Play - Apple Play )
Can I use an AmeriDrive vehicle to drive for ridesharing services?
Yes, our vehicles are thoroughly inspected for rideshare requirements. We recently partnered with HyreCar to offer drivers the possibility of ridesharing through their app. ( Google Play - Apple Play)


What are the requirements to become a AmeriDrive Member?
To subscribe all you will need is: A valid US driver’s license. International Drivers License may be used only on the commuter program and additional fees may be incurred. A debit or credit card in your name. A valid email address. A smartphone in your name so we can send you alerts.
How do I reserve a vehicle for ridesharing?
Download the HyreCar app and register. ( Google Play - Apple Play) Once you are approved, select a market and pick the vehicle you wish to drive. Lastly, schedule the pick-up time and date.
How does the humanless key pickup work?
When it's time for your pickup, make sure to bring your smartphone with enough battery. This is very important since you will need it to unlock our self-serve Sharebox. When you arrive at the pickup location: Call AmeriDrive 833-305-3500 Complete the Identity Verification Process When approved, enter Sharebox code into the link received The box will open so you can retrieve the keys Complete Vehicle Inspection with the QR code How many drivers can drive one subscription vehicle? Only the person that subscribes can drive the vehicle.


Can I swap vehicles during my subscription?
Yes. To request a swap call 833.305.3500
How to renew, pause or cancel my subscription?
For the Commuter Program - Follow the instructions on the AmeriDrive app. For the Rideshare Program - Follow the instructions on the HyreCar app ( Google Play - Apple Play ) If you have any questions call 833-305-3500
What are the drop off hours?
Monday - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Closed on Sundays.
Where should I drop off the vehicle?
The vehicle needs to be returned to the same location where it was picked up.
What about the key? Where should I return it?
The key needs to be returned to the same AmeriDrive x HyreCar Sharebox where it was retrieved from. Additional fees will be incurred to drivers who fail to leave the key at the right location. If you have any questions call 833-305-3500
How does maintenance work?
AmeriDrive is responsible for scheduling vehicle maintenance. Our customer service representatives will get in touch with you when it is time for scheduled maintenance. AmeriDrive has the ability to service vehicles nationwide at any Pep Boys locations in the US. If you notice that the car needs maintenance, please call 833-305-3500 so that we can schedule an appointment with Pep Boys. Please note that AmeriDrive is only responsible for scheduling maintenance that are caused by wear and tear. The customer is responsible for any damage caused to the car that is not due to wear and tear.


What Safety measurements should I take when Driving an Ameridrive Vehicle?
You must always wear and require any and all passengers to wear their seat belts while occupying the vehicle including passengers seated in the back seats.
What happens if the maintenance signal lights up?
Please ensure that you and your passengers are in a safe location away from traffic or other hazards. You should contact us as soon as possible at 833-305-3500 so we can swap the vehicle to an equivalent one. Remember, your safety is our priority, and it is your responsibility to let us know when the vehicle requires service.
What happens if the vehicle is missing or stolen while in my possession?
Call us immediately at 833-305-3500. You should never report the vehicle as stolen or missing to any law enforcement agency. Only Ameridrive, as the owner of the vehicle may report the vehicle missing or stolen to the Authorities.
What happens if your vehicle has a breakdown or malfunctions?
Please ensure that you and your passengers are in a safe location away from traffic or other hazards. You should contact us as soon as possible at 833-305-3500 to help you resolve this issue.
What happens if I have an accident?
If you have an accident involving our vehicles, find a safe location and call 911 to report the accident. All accidents must be reported to the authorities and should be obtained with an incident report or case number. Once all emergencies and safety issues have been handled, immediately call us at 833-305-3500 so we can give you instructions on the accident reporting process. Please do not forget to provide the case number when you speak to us.
What happens if I have a traffic violation?
You are expected to operate your vehicle at all times in full compliance with all traffic and safety laws. You are responsible for payment of any traffic or parking violations that occur during your use of our vehicle, including but not limited to, speed limit, stop sign red light, photo enforcement, parking and toll charges and other violations.


Client feedback

At AmeriDrive, we give a lot of value to what our clients have to say. We love to hear about our drivers’ experience and what we can do to improve on it.


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